Jaden's Tall Tales is a two-hour special which features Jaden Yuki hosting a clip show featuring 5 clips from past episodes from the previous 2 seasons and 5 clips that actually didn't happen during the runtime of the show. This clip show also shows Beatles sing-along segments from the 1960s Saturday morning cartoon.


Because Lula was busy, Jaden Yuki was the substitute reader for the Story Tellers Club.


  • Twenty Hours Over Tokyo: A 15-minute preview of the television movie of the same name. Ben and his friends go on a trip to Japan for the second time to enter a Japanese game show named Kitsune Gemu.
  • Me and My Play: An offensive that only aired in Duncan Takes the City. Duncan is an opera singer and Molly & Orochimaru play pranks on him for not allowing them to do magic acts.
  • Postcards from Chazz: After receiving baby stuff from his older brothers, Chazz decided to make a home movie to prove his brothers that he is mature.
  • Nerdy Dancin': Todd enters to a dance contest but due to that he can't dance, he uses an exoskeleton made by Noah to help him dance. Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenstein and Vampwire tried to spread evil across the world with the broadcasting systems of the dance studio.
  • Bus the Two of Us: Chickenbark carjacked Hanajima's bus and took Noah with him and Ezekiel has to distract Hanajima before she notices the disappearance of the bus.
  • Katz Kradle: An arts-and-crafts center, hosted by Katz, traps Noah and Fishquack in the building to be used as statues for Katz' magic super lava-flowing raygun.
  • A Chickenbark Crush: Chickenbark starts crushing on Koto, the fox/cat demon from the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series.
  • Driven to Tears: An Asian racer named Duke Ellington (voice of Ryan Higa) gets his drivers license and due to Noah losing his license for over-parking tickets, Chickenbarks gets a license too and Noah gets jealous.
  • The Hercules Beatles: Metabee starts to bond with the English band, The Beatles, than spending time with Ikki.
  • Jokks and Sports: Cannibal King, formerly Fork Boy, controls the Jokks and uses the population to invade the modern society network.

The Beatles SIng AlongsEdit

These are a list of The Beatles sing-alongs segments from the 1960s cartoon that appeared in the special.

  • Help!
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • Michelle
  • Little Child
  • Please Mr. Postman

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