It's a Wonderful Day for Pie is a song composed and sung by Seth MacFarlene with Mike Henry, Adam West, Seth Green and Tara Strong. This song is a parody of most Walt Disney musical scores and singles. Most of the lyrics were changed for the children viewers.


Singer: It's a wonderful day for pie

You can ask all the birds in the sky

And they'll tell you real sweet

With a musical tweet

Bird: It's a wonderful day for pie

Kids, Bird, Cook and Pot: For pie (4x)

Singer: It's a wonderful day for pie

Skunk: And it smells alot better than I

Adam West: Everyone in the house

And this Adam West mouse

The bees making honey

This cute Nesquik bunny

We all sing with glee

Cause we all agree

It's a wonderful, wonderful day for PIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!

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