Immortal Contact is an online game on based on the episode "Operation FUN". This episode features short songs of the songs in the same episode and brief video clips and soundbites of the characters.


The game is a parody of Street Fighter as the player has to choose an avatar in which they have to beat all 10 opponents before unlocking a character.


Ben Tennyson

  • Born: Bellwood
  • Powers: Omnitrix
  • Line: It's Hero Time


  • Born: Land of OOO
  • Powers: Sword
  • Line: Eludere (Morituri te Satimanus)

Robot Jones

  • Born: Poleneux in the 1980s
  • Powers: Rockstar Beams
  • Line: I want to rock! (Garage Band)


  • Born: Peach Creek in the Culdesac
  • Powers: Batter Ed
  • Line: Jib, eddy's gonna tag you (Who Let the Ed In?)

Susan Strong

  • Born: Land of OOO
  • Powers: Susan Smash
  • Line: Sun...ala coso sun. (Susan Strong)

Sterling Horace

  • Born: Los Angeles
  • Powers: Lasercannon
  • Line: (Macintalk Junior) Behold the laser.

Saki Hanajima

  • Born: Japan
  • Powers: Predictions
  • Line: One more word, and you'll all get with electric shocks. (The Strangest Day)

Skull Duggery

  • Born: Little Tokyo
  • Powers: Racecar Rashing through Streets
  • Line: Too bad, that was tough luck Speed.

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