I Find Dren Friends is an episode of The AnimeLand with guest voices of Justin Cowman, Rob Paulsen and a special gust voice of Emma Stone.


Sardon sees that Dren's friends are demons that are presumbly younger or way older than him so he decides to help Dren make friends with humans his own age, but Dren is not pleased about his friends at all.

Guest castEdit

  • Justin Cowman as Hector Cruz
  • Rob Paulsen as Travis
  • Emma Stone as Fangirl


  • First appearance of Hector Cruz and Travis, characters from the animated series Ozzy and Drix.
  • Emma Stone guest stars as a crazy fangirl who loves Cyniclons.
  • Kangafat: The fictional movie Kangafat or Fataroo is based on the 1993 Nutty Professor movie. Coincidentally, both movies star actor Eddie Murphy.


  • Dren: Hey, you guys have seen the new Eddie Murphy movie right? Kangafat?? He buys a kangaroo and he wears a fatsuit. You know, there considering calling it Fataroo. Both good options.
  • Hector: That movie is for children.
  • Travis: And idiots.
  • Pepper Jack: I write poetry.
  • Dren: AAAAHHH!!!
  • Waiter: Your chilly fries.
  • Hector: About time.
  • Pepper Jack: Really.
  • Dren: Mmmmm. Those look good. (Hector smacks Dren's hand) Ow. What the hey?
  • Hector: You said you didn't want chili fries?
  • Dren: Yeah, cuz I thought my nachoes were gonna come out at the same time.
  • Travis: You can't change your mind now.
  • Hector: These are for us. (eats chili fry)
  • Dren: You guys... ARE SO MEAN... AND BORING!!!!
  • Hector: We'll your childish.
  • Dren: I AM NOT. (knocks Hectors' monkey-malt shake on the floor childlike and Hector gives him an annoyed/angered stare)
  • Travis: (eating a chilli fry) Mmmmmm. Good chili fries.
  • Dren: BIOOO-MAGGEE! (Dren steals a chair from a customer and sits next to Bio-Mage, Sardon, Tart, Bubon and Reyna) I hate those guys.

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