These are a list of people who had been hypnotized by some characters.

People (Wheel)Edit

  • George - Ballerina (by Neji), Dog (by Hothead)
  • Orochimaru - Monkey (by Mitch), Zombie (by Mitch)
  • Corina - Frog, Zombie
  • Tart - Wrestler, Zombie
  • Kyo - Zombie
  • Atem - Hip-hop Performer, Salesman (by Yugi)
  • Kiki - Cat (Zoey starts to have a fond of her now)
  • Bridget - Kangaroo
  • Zigfried (mostly by George) - Man Eating Noodle, Big Hairy Bat, Zombie, Was about to turn into a Killer Fire-Breathing Monster when Mitch told George to stop, Zombie AGAIN
  • Renee - Flying squirrel
  • Joey - Pig (by Yugi)
  • Mitch - Servant (accidentally by Atem), Dog (by Hothead)
  • Neji - Dog (by Hothead)

People (Ray) by Mike TeaveeEdit

  • Mike (TDROTI) - Aphid
  • Zoey (TDROTI) - Lawn Sprinkler
  • Finn - Sassy Female Backup Singer #1
  • Jake - Sassy Female Backup Singer #2
  • Brick - United States Marine #1
  • Jo - United States Marine #2
  • Neji - Sir Francis Bacon
  • Justin - Hot Bikini Runaway Model

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