Hypnoshadow is the fusion of Mitch Tennison and Beets. It is a two headed creature of the shadows of Mitch and Beets but black and they speak in unison.

How it was BornEdit

In the episode, "Mitchy-Dini Strikes Back", Mitch wanted to be Mitchy-Dini again. So, he and Gary worked together to hypnotize people into animals. But suddenly, Gary wanted to be in charge. The power during the struggling of these two caused them to transform there shadows and bodies into a monster creature. The hypnotizing wheel was fused into the torso or chest of the body. It's powers are fire and shadow goblin summoning attack, along with hypnotizing.

When Noah blasted there system, it caused the two to fly into the ocean. Even though it didn't cause them to die, they still return into future episodes. In Ms. M's office, Mitch and Beets were finally seperated. But in "Mime for a Chance", Mitch's evil slave chip causes Hypnoshadow's DNA to form and create it's own being causing Mitch and Beets to be in serious trouble.

Currently, Hypnoshadow is ranked the 10th evilist villain in the Anime Database in Noah's laptop. Although, Hypnoshadow rarely appears in the show anymore after he became his own person.

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