Hospital is an episode of Anime: Evolution. This episode stars the Sohmas.


Set in a sit-comish parody, Shigure Sohma is the overly-stressed father, Kisa Sohma is the omniallergenic daughter, Hiro Sohma is the mentally incapacitated son and Tohru Honda is the Portreguese hangover au pair. Shigure is preparing for an interview but gets runover by an ambulance causing him to wait in the hospital to X-ray his broken leg and to hurry up in time for the interview.


  • Operator: If youd like to take a seat, the nurse will see you as soon as she can.
  • Fleep: I tell you. Bedbugs don't have itch.
  • Shigure: When I get home, you and I are gonna have a serious chat maddeum. In the meantime, you are gonna start by making the kids a proper cooked breakfast. Now, IS THAT CLEAR?!!
  • Tohru: (arrigated and spits at Shigure accidentally) WILL YOU KEEP DA NOISE DOWWWWNNN?????
  • Kisa: (face puffed up due to allergic reation to her Gwendolyn doll) Tohru, I don't think I should have touched Gwendolyn.
  • Barry Brainspiller: If you were Stabber Harris, you'd be dead by now.
  • Doctors: Shouldn't you bee in the hospital????

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