Hey Mack Hey Mack Kablam Rats Woo (originally Hey Mack Hey Mack Kablam Rats Seuss) is an American television series said by seven characters throughout the programs. Whenever somebody says it, prototypes and forest fires happen throughout buildings, this series activites vote saying it in this type. It was first aired on Nickelodeon, September 1, 1997.


This series is based on the short-lived Nickelodeon block consisting of every night at 8:00pm new episodes for you, each programs is based on each of the word of the series.

  • Hey Arnold! - Monday at 8:00pm
  • Alex Mack - Tuesday at 8:00pm
  • More Hey Arnold! - Wednesday at 8:00pm
  • More Alex Mack - Thursday at 8:00pm
  • KaBlam! - Friday at 8:00pm
  • Rugrats - Saturday at 8:00pm
  • Dr. Seuss- Sunday at 8:00pm (Sunday September 7, 1997-Sunday September 21, 1997)
  • Shelby Woo - Sunday at 8:00pm (Sunday September 28, 1997-)

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