Heat is a 30-minute episode featuring Noah trying to survive the heat.


Noah has to survive the heat and try to make it last. Also, Kagura has ice powers.


  • These are the problems that Noah suffered:
    • The brownout shut down the apartment's air conditioner.
    • When Noah had to purchase a bag of ice, it melted before he could go home.
    • The movie theatre was full and so was the pool and the pool was warm.
    • Because of the heat, Jolly Olly Man is being cheap and raisng the prices of the ice cream.

  • These are the list of prices and ice creams he serves:
    • $20.00 - Ice Cream
    • $15.00 - Rum Raisin
    • $30.00 - Cookie Dough
    • $18.00 - Snowcone
    • $9.00 - Slightly Damaged Snowcone
    • $20.00 - Chocolate Covered Bubblegum Drumsticks
    • $20.00 - Rainbow turbo pops.
  • The jolly olly man was nice to the kids. He sold Orochimaru the slightly damaged snowcone at half price. He always had Molly's favorite chocolate bubblegum drumsticks in stock. He helped Harold when he was choking on his Turbo Pops.

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