Hashimoto Notegi is a Japanese houseboy who is the friends of Shura and Richardio, Orochimaru's cousin. He is a Judo expert who uses his techniques to save his family instead of fighting. Hashimoto speaks in broken English with minor Japanese and is also a good Pottery Maker which is his job as a houseboy.

Hashimoto is based on the Terrytoon cartoon, Hashimoto-san. When ever he talks, he says Sayanora when he makes his final scene and he says morals before saying farewell. He also is friends with an American reporter named GI Joe who speaks with a Brooklyn accent and helps Hashimoto. His enenmies include Umitaro, a samurai who hates rules and Yakihito, a rival in the pottery business who wishes to make the perfect pots to be famous.

Biographical InformationEdit

His history remains unknown but an episode finally revealed it. When Hashimoto was born, he was an invisible baby, not be seen. Hashi's father was so shocked at what happened that he called the doctors to figure it out. The doctors, who spoke only in Japanese, used painful treatments on the baby to make him visible in which the father had enough and so he kicked them out. Sooner, everyone was used to having an Invisible Baby. As soon as Hashi progressed, his learned all about swordfighting and martial arts. But then, an invasion of outlaws came and using his invisible powers, he defeated all of them. When he was swordfighting again, he got hit in the head making him visible. Now, he turns visible by day and invisible by night.


  • Hanako: A geisha girl who is Hashimoto's wife.. She only speaks Japanese. She loves Hashimoto very much and enjoys dancing.
  • Saburo: Hashimoto's son who is a martial arts expert like his father.
  • Yuriko: Hashimoto's daughter who is a dancer like her mother.
  • Shinichi: Hashimoto's father who really loved him.
  • Yanako: Hashimoto's mother who really loved him.

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