Hakudoshi (白童子, White Child) is the eighth detachment from Naraku. Created from The Infant's body, he takes the form of a young child. Because his heart remains inside The Infant, he can use all of the same powers and his own body can endlessly regenerate from any damage. Eventually, both The Infant and Hakudoshi grow tired of Naraku's rule, and seek to betray and overthrow him. To help The Infant in battle and protect him, Hakudoshi creates Moryomaru. Naraku knew of his traitorous intentions but waited until the right time to command his Saimyōshō to abandon Hakudoshi in battle and disable his barrier as well (due a few comments about not needing Naraku and being the "original"), giving him no protection against Miroku's Wind Tunnel.

Hakudoshi appears in the show along with Kanna, Naraku, Kagura, Kohaku and Muso. Hakudoshi won a Gemmy and Lobscar award in the episode "Anime Awards" along with other characters.

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