Haddle City's President is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations that's a scene in the show's third movie.


It's presidental day and everyone's having a campaign. It's a president fight between Molly Hale, Derek and Carlos (voiced by Ben Stiller) are ready. During the speech, Derek mentions something unappropriate which caused some of there ratings to be low. At the voting time, Carlos decided to vote for Derek. Derek wins. Following his victory, Derek goes to the mayor of Haddle City with the intention of keeping his campaign promises and laying down the law, only to be taken aback with the realization that he is still strictly subordinate to the faculty and in fact, like most student government positions, has no real power. Regardless, Kiki has a fit and accuses him of selling-out like all other politicians. She then kicks the bottom of a locker and walks away.


  • It reveals that Haddle City is a democracy.
  • The episode aired in President's Day. Before the episode begins, this features a man writing the title of the episode "Haddle City's President". At the end of the episode, the same man wrote "This scene was part of the third movie; Trip to Haddle City".

Movie editsEdit

Starting in 2010, Haddle City's President began airing following the first episode of the flash Three Stooges on Cartoon Network. In order to fit both episodes in a one hour time slot and in order to save room for the other scenes in the movie, the following edits were made to Haddle City's President in the movie:

  • The opening scene where there was a hotel featuring Kikki lieing on the floor crying because she is tired of the poor skyscrapers and brings Noah to a street performing club was removed entireley.
  • A scene where there was a hotel featuring Noah waking up, going to Kikki's room when she was reading, grabbing her, Tart preparing breakfast for himself and lunch for Kikki and Noah was added as the new opening scene.
  • Derek and Corina's talk show was shortened.
  • The caption that said "Headphone Death! Choking Hazard!" when Tart was pulling Derek's headphones which caused Derek to be strangled and fall down was removed.
  • The Mayor was given a long speech; a 1 minute speech.
  • Music was added to scenes without music.
  • Celebrities guest starrs in this movie: Adam West, Michael Jackson and Simon Cowell.

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