Gratefulities (aka Gracefulities) is the goddess of child youth and gratefulness. She hates people who are ungrateful and punishes them grateley. She works with her brother, Bratticus. She thinks that the more grateful somebody is the better, however, it appears that she is the only one in the universe who is the gratefulest of all. She is one of the few gods who spend most of there time in the human world. She exists in Greek and Roman mythology and more. In Rome, Gratefulities' Roman name is Gracefulities because she is beautiful and graceful. When she is in Greek and Rome, she wears her Greek and Roman outfit which she always wears. While in the modern world, she wears a modern dress and pink shirt. She says that people who are greateful will get rewarded and spazzes out (gets angry and releases her anger) when she sees a spite of ungratefulness. Gracefulities has a boyfriend named Kodukus/Norolis. When she is the AnimeLand, she is chipper and happy but when she is in Greek, she spends time in her child and teen form. In the Greek world, she flurts with guys but have there world crumbled because she has a boyfriend. A symbol of her would be a gift given to someone else, a person walking away from treasure, or 4 hearts each smaller in the last inside on big one.

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