Genki von Du is a Japanese band from Osaku, Japan. The animation for the band was based on the 1970s cartoon The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. Their manager is their father, Charlie Chan from the original show.


Their history of how the band started is unknown. But, they are famous all around Japan with their hit "Genki Genki" which was played in the Tokyo Stadium.


  • Kenji Marimoto: Based on Henry from the Chan Clan series. He is overprotective to his little sister, Seiko. He plays the drums in the band.
  • Seiko Marimoto: Based on Suzie from the Chan Clan series. Chickenbark had a crush on her and she promised to date him if he wins the case. She plays tamborine in the band.
  • Miko Marimoto: Based on Anne from the Chan Clan series. She was seen eating Noah's flesh due to her hunger from practicing for weeks instead of eating. She also plays tamborine in the band.
  • Koro Marimoto: Based on Stanley from the Chan Clan series. He does not talk at all in the series. He only appears during the Chan Clan footaged scenes and when they first came to America. He plays both the drums, during recorded concert, and electric guitar in the band.
  • Unknown members: These members are based on Tom and Alan Chan from the Chan Clan series. Tom maybe the geek of the band and Alan may be the hippie of the band. In the Chan Clan series, Tom is smart and Alan is an inventor. They both don't speak in the show and only appear in the Chan Clan footaged scenes. Alan plays oboe in the band and Tom also plays tamborine in the band.

Known songsEdit

  • Genki Genki (pirated and stolen to make Johnny Johnny and the german variation of the song)

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