Beets, better known for his old name Gary E. Mo, is a music loving man who later became a goth.


Him and his brother used to be a band duo. They argued a little bit but still got along. Beets found a bunch of old records and use them to make people do what he wants but was defeated by Ben. In another interview, he obeyed the fashion catalog and changed his appearance to an emo appearance. He is still good in heart. Later, The Joker plans to kill Beets but his brother took the fault for him. Ever since then, he vowed to kill anybody that stands in his way. He changed his name from Beets to Gary Eliminates Mortals, but shortens it to Gary E. Mo! Later, Ben revived his brother and Gary E. Mo ditched his evil ways and emo appearance and went back to his old appearance as it was still a fashion trend now and he didn't make much appearances ever since.

Gary E. Mo, as of now, has not appeared in Anime: Omniverse.


  • Brian Kerpajonas: That was at the age of 0-12 before becoming a musician. Brian is his real name.
  • Beets: His alter-ego as a musician with his signature electric guitar. He also seems to be an incredible disc jockey when he used the Pied Piper coded records to hypnotize audiences before Ben stopped him.
  • Gary E. Mo: He changed his appearance when a fashion magazine says that Emo Style is on the rage. When the Joker killed his brother, he changed his alias into "Gary Eliminates Mortals" because Gary is a name meaning tough and strong, Eliminates would be his middle name and Mortals would be a bunch of people he hates that he wants to kill which the name is shortened to Gary E. Mo, sounding like Gary Emo. Also, Gary seems to have superior killer goth powers like fire coming out of his hands or death strikes. When his brother came alive, he gained back his original clothing (because the emo style is over on the fashion stage) and gained back his honor of the name, Beets.
  • Hypnoshadow: The alias of Mitch Tennison and Gary E. Mo for 4 episodes when Mitch and Gary were working together to make every citizen think there animals mentally but when the last can of Super Energy Power is still intact, they were fighting for it and the spray on both of em caused there transformation until Ms. M defused them.
  • Jazz Hands 2.0: During the The AnimeLand era, Jazz Hands shot his accordion at Beets causing him to become a speaking evil mime to turn people silent and colorless by touching them. Jazz Hands 2.0 reappeared when he was zapped again as Gary E. Mo.

Jazz PhoneEdit

Jazz Phone is Beets' deceased brother who plays a golden saxaphone. WHen he became alive, they share a new bond together and there band is back.

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