A freeloader from the 1960s television series, The Beatles

This freeloader is a poor person from the 1960s The Beatles Satuday morning cartoon TV series who wants to get things for free due to being poor. In the episode "Thank You, Girl", he goes to Armond's to get free food by pretending to wanting to be a cook but instead wanting a free meal. Unfortunatley, he always gets kicked out by Armond. A running gag is that he is attempting to steal a custard cake but ends up throwing the cake at someone (that someone ends up being Ringo Starr). THe freeloader is known for wearing a brown hat with a little brown hair on the top, a big red nose, a buck tooth, an old brown coat and brown shoes.

The freeloader may be voiced by Al Brodax, creator of The Beatles cartoon series.

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