Norman Allison, better known as Fishquack, is one of Noah's friends. He is noticed for his fish-fin like haircut and his big orange nose like a duck's beak. Fishquack also sports a unibrow.


Fishquack's past origin is said that Fishquack was a chimeric mutant of a fish, a robot and a black-bellied whistling duck. Fishquack was made by Doctor Victor Frankenstein (also made the Monster of Frankenstein and Ygor). Fishquack's design was modled after the death of Frankenstein's child, Norm (who died from a stroke). Unfortunatley, Fishquack's powers have been unlocked and now Frankenstein wants him back.

Fishquack's powers is to breathe in water, sonic laser blasts and making an animal army.

Fishquack is the lest seen and heared friend of Noah's.

Fishquack named himself the real name Norman Allison from Frankenstein's child's name and the word Allison in the store, Allison's Shoes.

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