Face the Facts is an episode of Anime: Evolution.


Bored of being unable to control all inventions, Mike Teavee contacts Face, the mascot of Nick Jr. for several years, to haunt the television realm and to suck some of the characters into television series.


  • This episode pays a homage to American animation programming as it involves several references to American television culture since the 1990s through 2004. The show features clips of 1960s series such as "Leave it to Beaver" and features parodies such as "Catman", a parody of the 1960s Batman series.
  • The original episode's title was Dimension Twist.
  • Face, a Nick Jr mascot who made several cameo appearances throughout the show, has his own episode.
  • All of the scenes where the characters have a goose chase throughout the channels flickering features the Decades mix of the David Seville song "Witch Doctor".
  • Some clips are from the 1997 Nickelodeon series, Kablam! such as "Patchhead", "Jetcat", "Action League Now" and "Lava".
  • Instead of the theme song, the opening sequence for Lava was extended to play the Thompson Twins song, Lies. The scene was removed in some airing due to copyright of Viacom.
  • Galaxy Wars, a Star Wars-parody of many Dan Schneider series (such as Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, iCarly etc.) is referenced and a Star Trek parody appears as "Star Check".

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