Face was Nick Jr's mascot from 1994 through 2004 and was the block's most memorable ones. Face was an animated face in which changes several moods, feelings and colors who also wrapped up and introduced several shows and is also capable of materializing several objects. Face was voiced by Chris Phillips. Face was last seen on Nick Jr at October 8, 2004. Seven years later, Face returned for the 90s are all That block on Teennick in which his appearances are based on clips and makes him appear drunk due to drinking champage or making adult comments (e.g. Yeah, grow a pair.). His catchphrase is "Hi there, Face here".

Face appears in Anime: Evolution many times. Face's appearances consists of out-of-context clips and original animated Flash cartoon clips of him and serves as Finn's nightmare since he partially controls some electronics, posing as an annoying virus (similar to Rickrolling). He will appear in an upcoming episode "Face the Facts".

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