Episode of Courageous Events is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations. The first episode to appear in VHS, with bonus episodes.


After Mitch's circus scam fails, Mitch decided to go "up". With a company, Mitch can go up along with an elevator. Meanwhile, Derek decided to find the crook to stole the Pink Panthar, the richest diamond in the AnimeLand. Alongside, Corina makes Renee give her piggy back rides, give her chips and juice and let her do her makeup after seeing that Jin gets more attention. Also, Karin decided to face Lupin III to a soccer championship. But, she never knows that Lupin is a criminal and can easily use his gun to win.


  • This is the first episode featuring more than 2 plots.
  • This episode features a comic sequence when captions appeared above with a voice saying this quotes:
    • "Mitch being chased" - Mitch is being chased by his co-workers
    • "Mystery girl" - Karin is running from Lupin
    • "Corina piggyback Renee" - Corina piggybacking on Renee
    • "Derek upside down?" - Derek is hanging upside down from a trap of the crook
  • Mitch's company is a company that sells books for young children.
  • The characters says the word "Up" 71 times.
  • The captions said "Mystery Girl", but Karin is known.
  • Kurt: This must be party time from 1999!
    • Noah: Amscray!
      • Kurt's quote is similar to a song with the line.
        • Noah sayed one of the catchphrases of the Three Stooges.
  • In one scene, Kick cooks an egg on a muffin. This could be a reference to the name of McDonald's Breakfast Meal, the Egg McMuffin.
  • This episode was part of the scenes in the third movie, Trip to Haddle-City.

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