Don't Be a Fool, Smoking Isn't Cool is a rare and banned short for educational purposes, parodying the VHS tape "Nightmare on Drug Street" from the website, Everything is Terrible!


The setting is set in 1982 since it features old telephones instead of 80s cell phones and white DOS computer screens, simulating Ulrich Stern hanging out with William and Odd talking about homework. At Odd's house, when Odd's parents are off to bingo night and when his five sisters are in the mall, Odd tells Ulrich to smoke tocaboo with a pipe in order to be cool. Ulrich does so and next scene, he receives a telephone call by Odd to smoke again in his house so he can be super strong by dinnertime. He smokes in his bathrooms. Ulrich's parents realized that Ulrich was droozy when he came home so they think that Ulrich may be taking drugs. At dinnertime, Ulrich's father talks to Ulrich about drugs at school and soon, Ulrich's eyes start to go blury and the parents voices sound similar to that of Xana and Ulrich falls down unconscience cuaisng his parents to revive him.

The next scene features Ulrich, Odd and William dressed in white, revealing that he's been grounded for drug abuse and he is sentenced to jail. Ulrich reveals all of the things he's banned to have or use and reveals that he is ashamed and would teach his friends a lesson. The end credits shows the text "Sonic Sez Don't Smoke" with Ulrich saying "No pizza" approximatley eight times.


  • The end text is a reference to the Sonic Sez segment from the infamous "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon.
  • This episode is obviously a parody of the Everything is Terrible! video "The Nightmare on Drug Street".

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