Dolly is the Energis Sisters' aunt who prefers to stay in a little adorable impish form with the appearance of a doll. She is a witch who has unlimited magic but not much people take her seriously due to the fact of her form. It is revealed that she is technically called a doll but does not like to be called on. She has the power to shapeshift into anything and threatens peoples lives if they pick her up and call her a doll. Though she seems evil, she is actually a nice person inside. She is also been known to be very compedative in contests and games. She has a pet jackal named Jackie and threatens to feed people to it. In her first appearance, Hako, Noah and Ben all thought that she was a doll. Due to the fact that Illu, Lula and Tee were hugging her and making little tea time girl noises. Dolly says that she likes Michael Jackson too but Tee loves him. She says that her best friend is Paula Abdul, however, she never told that she was a witch. In the episode, The Truth, where everybody had to write an essay to be the presidant of the world, everyone has to tell the truth otherwise Ururu will be presidant, even though they all told the truth like they asked, Ururu was still made president because it was the touchiest and the longest speech, it is revealed that on this day, it was a big spin the bottle competition to see who can tell the truth, she did and Paula was shocked at first but got over it due to the fact that there still friends. But Simon heared it and said "Wait! Your rich, here take my wallet. Just don't take my face!" and leaves. Randy Jackson hears it and says "Cool! Can I have some ice cream?". And the famous singer, Michael Jackson came and said "Have you seen Tee?" and reveals that she is in his hat, not caring much about the fact that she's a witch.

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