Doctor Victor Frankenstein is a mad scientist who created the Frankenstein Monster. One of the main villains of Anime Camp Generations, he plans to mutate human beings and harmless creatures so he can rule the world with a mutant army. His main role is in the Anime Camp Generations movie "Trip to Haddle-City" and "California Rollers".


As most of his history remains unknown, he used to be a genetics scientist with an assistant named Ygor as he invented his first creation, the Frankenstein monster. Years later, Victor developed new technology and began to make different robots. After studing genetics, he decided to make mutations and new creatures using chemicals but after a huge explosion, Victor was fused with a German shephard beast causing his Transylvanian accent to turn heavy.

Years later, his assistant Ygor mysteriously vanished and he began to work on a new helper by making adjustments to his prototype humanoid robot which would later go by the name of Maxwell (named after his deceased scientist friend, Maximillion Zimoplitz). As he got older, his Maxwell robot gotten better but has the appearance of a nerd and he became criminically insane.

He seems to have a horrible relationship with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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