Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bigbrain is a 1 hour special featuring many Chinese culture and Wasabi's major role in this cartoon.


Noah accidentally insulted Wasabi's heritage. For that, he steals Eva and challenges him to a fight at China. How can Noah defeat a Chinese demon with kung fu fighting skills if one of the rules say no omnitrixes or power bands?

Guest starsEdit

This is the first episode featuring an all Asian guest cast:

  • Tim Chi Ly - Wasabi
  • Niki Yang - Aunt Eggfooyoung
  • Yoko Ono - Chachi (Mother)
  • Ming Tsai - Lo Mein (Wasabi's dad)
  • Yo-Yo Ma - Himself (Wasabi's grandad)


  • This is the first ever episode featuring an all Asian guest starrs; featuring many famous Asian people such as the chef Ming Tsai as Lo Mein, fiddler Yo-Yo Ma as himself and Japanese artist Yoko Ono as Chachi.
  • Tim Chi Ly, the voice of Wasabi, directs and animates this episode.
  • All of Wasabi's family members are seen in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Noah lacks martial arts, karate, kung fu, taekwando and other martial arts moves.
  • Nikki Yang plays the role as Aunt Eggfooyoung, not Lady Rainicorn this time. This is similar to "Share a Lair" where Drake Bell starts as another character than his main one.

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