CrewCrew is a gang of rappers who usually hang out in parks having rap battles against professional rappers, wannabees, gangsters, Greasers, Soxs and other gangs. CrewCrew features the voices of many famous rappers.

The crew originated in 2008 when AlphaDog was in high school in which he and his classmates perform minor raps in the cafeteria and recess. AlphaDog meets Fran-Suave before graduation. AlphaDog later crushes on Demolition in a drive-in movie theatre as she can rap as well. Then, Blizz Comet plays basketball with Fran-Suave in which he raps also in which Alpha Dog hires. The last member, Beatron, met Alpha-Dog and his gang met in Pismo Beach beforming funky beats with his portable radio.

The original name of the gang was Tad and his Flippers but was changed to CrewCrew, as suggested by Demolition.


  • AlphaDog - 18 years old. AlphaDog is the leader of the group and is known for coming up with the most raps in the whole state. Voice of Donald Grover (credited as Childish Gambino).
  • Blizz Comet - 14 years old. AlphaDog's apprentice who is known as the most popular rapper who knows how to deal with wannabee rappers. Voice of Tyler, the Creator.
  • Demolition - 18 years old. The dopest girl on the mic, she is AlphaDog's girlfriend who is also into rapping. She is mostly seen wearing a white coat, regardless of the weather. Voice of MC Lyte.
  • Beatron - 12 years old. The youngest member of CrewCrew who is the only one who does not rap but instead proviedes background rapping music during rap battles. He is from New Jersey.
  • Fran-Suave - 20 years old. The oldest member of CrewCrew who is AlphaDog's "brother" and can beatbox with extreme sound effects. Fran-Suave is actually a mute but will be voiced by Mr. T.

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