China Joe is an episode.


Irish detective, China Joe (played by Noah Cooper) is off to save a prisoner in a Chinese bakery which turns out to be a trap from Limey Louie, an Irish criminal.


  • The ending when Noah is being held prisoner in Chickenbark's Chinese Laundromat was cut due to Chinese steryotypes.
  • It also dubbed some lines even replacing Chickenbark's line "Better you press shirt than press luck".
  • Also, it also features some scenes reanimated. Like the ending. Instead of Noah being held prisoner in the laundrymat and while pressing shouting in Chinese "Help! I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese laundry!", a new scene was made featuring Noah running from Chickenbark while he is throwing rocks at him while Noah went far away, Chickenbark threw a rock so far that it hit Noah causing him to be knocked out.

Edited ScriptEdit

  • Noah: Charlie Chung, aresst Limey Louie. He's a killer./Charlie Chung, Limey Louie is a crimal. Sent him to jail.
  • Chickenbark: Excuse me please. Not Charlie Chung detective. Charlie Chung laundryman./Sorry. I'm not the detective, I'm your laundryman.
  • Noah: My laundry man!
  • Chickenbark: A small matter of large bill!/You owe me for washing your clothes.
  • Noah: Bill? Heh! Confusious say can't squeeze blood from turnip!/Pay? Heh! You did it too quick! Why should I pay you?
  • Chickenbark: Oh yes! Better you press shirt than press luck./The rules are you buy or get bopped!


  • Noah's character, China Joe, is a parody of China Smith; a soldier living in Singapore from a 1950s TV show.
  • Chickenbark's character, Charlie Chung, is a parody of Charlie Chan, a Chinese detective who appears in several films, books, two TV cartoons and many others.

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