Stephen Fullest, better known as Chickenbark, is one of Noah's friends. He is known for his chicken like haircut style, his snoot beard and his dog like feet. He is friends with Fishquack. In "Chez Chickenbark", it reveals that Chickenbark is Chinese-Cajun American.

Background InformationEdit

Born in the name of Stephen Fullest, Chickebark was the descent of many Chinese chefs. Chickenbark lived and suffered through the orders of his family. The horrible part is that Maxwell Baxter moved into his bedroom and annoyed him. At the age of eighteen, he ran away from home and lived in the streets. He enrolled himself into school. He meets Noah with Fishquack.

Chickenbark is ashamed of his family and wishes they were dead. During an episode, Chickenbark and Noah had to find a rare plant for a cake when Chickenbark encountered his family again but he challenged Noah to a fight, if Noah wins, Chickenbark lives with him. Noah wins and Chickenbark lives to serve as Noah's housekeeper in exchange for living with him.

Chickenbark has the ability of shapeshifing and transforming into anything with the sound of his voice. Chickenbark has incredible speed due to his dog reflexes. Chickenbark does lay eggs.

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