Chez Chickenbark is an episode of Anime: Camp Generation. It is revealed that Chickenbark is a descented of the chef, Woa Jao.


Chickenbark's plotEdit

Chickenbark, Noah's chicken hair-cutted and dog footed friend, has dreamed of seeing the world. He wishes to become famous. After watching I Was a Teenage Appetizer from Planet Sushi III, Chickenbark thinks of becoming a chef. Later, he signed a form that allows him to switch countries for a day. Chickenbark switched with Pierre Se Swan (aka: Le Chef). Chickenbark goes to a fancy French restaurant called Le Fancy. Chickenbark came up with an awesome recipe, Bark-Burgers. Everybody in France start to like them and Chickenbark becomes famous.

Le Chef's plotEdit

Le Chef read an article about Camp Anime - A Summer Paradise. Wishing to cook in the camp, he signed the same form as Chickenbark there. In Camp Anime, there was a restaurant titled "FOOD" where Noah now works. Le Chef decided to use his own recipes to spice up the restaurant. Noah is displeased because of Le Chef's rude behavior.

Atem's plotEdit

Atem learns the meaning of tennis by playing it with Ryoma. Atem realizes that Kaido has the secret of koo-whi-yam, an Egyptian information. Atem planns to spend more time with Ryoma to study the koo-whi-yam.

Hothead's plotEdit

Hothead is setting up for the funeral of his Japanese fighting fish, Wasabi. Depressed, he keeps having weird visions inside his head thinking of Wasabi dead. Hothead realizes by Dr. Q that his yin half of the brain is still depressed about Wasabi and wishes to come out. When he releases him, Yinhead ran away with only bad Hothead in the body.


  • This is the first appearance of Dr. Q since the first series.
  • Hothead sang "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" theme song.
  • Chickenbark is seen playing a Super Nintendo Entertainment System after getting all of that money. Also, Atem played Nintendo 64 while Hothead played Game Boy Advance. All of them are Nintendo video game consoles.

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