Cheechychonga is an episode of Anime: Evolution. This episode guest starrs Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong as themselves.


The town is a buzz when Cheech and Chong announce the AnimeLand stop on their much-anticipated reunion tour. But when Cheech and Chong take the stage in front of their loyal fans, the original music composer quits because of mistreatment and lack of respect, so Chickenbark decideds to play a few notes in stage. Impressed, the duo invites Chickenbark to go on tour with them making him the new composer for the sketches while the original composer (officially named Steven) becomes an accountant. But despite the glory and fame, Chickenbark misses his best friend, Noah Cooper.


  • The Dave's Not Here and Sister Mary Elephant sketches appear in the episode.
  • The 1972 animated cartoon "Basketball Jones" (parodying the song of the same name by Cheech & Chong) is parodied in the episode but deemed the racism.
  • The part where Chickenbark said when will Cheech & Chong and him have wacky adventures and they responded it's just the movies, it's a reference to many movies starring Cheech & Chong.
  • Steven is voiced by Steven Blum, the voice of TOM from Toonami and the main character from Cowboy Bebop.
  • On June 12, 2012, this episode was banned due to the graphics of the episode being part of the Censored 11.

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