Cartoons Since 1980 is an episode of Anime: Camp Generations.


Noah goes to a Comic Book Convection where he meets a giant meeting room where people tell true stories. He meets a shaved man with a haircut and a fancy tuxedo claiming to be an 18 year old man from the 1980s. When Noah befriends the mysterious person, which he is referred to as "The New Guy", the guy tells him a bunch of interesting secrets of movies that he never seen before and others. Noah realizes that his talent is so good, he might replace him as the Noah. Since he made so much friends than ever, Noah must get his thunder back before the Brainiac Ceremony ends and The New Guy is declared the new Noah.


  • The 1980s man's name is never revealed. In the credits, he is called Slick Man. He is referred to as "The New Guy".
  • Noah never showed any brash than before.
  • First Appearance: The New Guy, Travis, Chlorkun, Poindexter, Shrimp, Mr. Potato
  • The New Guy's appearance is similar to Ross Bagdasarian Sr, only the outfit.

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