Captain Tojo is a Japanese-Irish American pirate who was hunting the great white whale but after finding Blaire, thinking of her as a pink mermaid, using her. He wears glasses and is dressed in general/pirate attire. He is known for the phrase "I've been searching all my life for...", even though it's not much true.


His crew are a team of Japanese pirates. They speak in psudeo-Japanese and they all wear pirate attire. Most of the crew members are named:

  • Yamamoto: Tojo's first mate who seems to correct him from right or wrong.
  • Hiro Hito: A pirate who works as a powder-monkey and quartermaster.
  • Masaharu: The cook of the pirates who prepares for cherry blossoms, white rice, imported sushi and soba noodles. He wishes to cook Blaire.


  • The crew are named after Japanese World War II soldiers and generals such as Captain Tojo is a parody of Hideki Tojo.
  • A wanted poster called "Wanted: ADOLF" referencing German soldier, Adolf Hitler.

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