Cap’n Crunch(full name: Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch) is the mascot of the sweetened corn and oat breakfast cereal manufactured by Quaker Oats Company and introduced in 1963.

His first appearance was in a Season 2 episode featuring most of the breakfast cereal mascots being framed for crimes commited by their dopplegangers.

In Season 3, Cap'n Crunch is seen as the Mayor of AnimeFoodtown, a section in the world where many people were named after food, similar to that of Marzipan City. Jean LaFoote serves as the mayor of Marzipan City.

Jean and Cap'n are both rivals in the commercials and the show. Captain Crunch is Mordecai and Rigby's favorite cereal. In "The Anime Awards", this episode features an animated version of Mel Blanc, David Archuleta (voiced David Mohawk), Aaron Carter and even showed Captain Crunch and other cartoons winning an Oscar award.

In one commercial break, a poorly-animated video from YouTube which features Captain Crunch, His Crew and Tony the Tiger (the gang's new drummer) rapping one of the "Sing-a-Long Time" songs was played.

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