Candy is Dandy is an episode.


Kisa Sohma, Saki Hanajima and Kagura Sohma get their first bites of candy. Also, Chickenbark and Noah get banned from the party of the coolest kid in school. By the way, their is also a training video featuring a lownly dishwasher using a credit card.


  • These are the good stuff of the party:
  • MTV is playing in the party.
  • Orochimaru is handing out gift bags with 3 waterproof G-Os and Pocketpals.
  • The real cast for Galaxy Wars appear and guest stars of Suzanna Lousiana and Natasha Bergman (who plays the role as Princess Aplagata "Wearing the Robe of Curiosity")
  • G-Os and PocketPals are a parody of iPod and Tamaguchi.
  • Suzanna Lousiana is a parody of Hannah Montana.
  • This is the first time Kagura does not speak unlike Saki and Kisa. When they eat the candy, they don't talk but just giggle.
  • Ayame speaks fluent Jockish.
  • The travelor/dishwasher's adventure is footage from the short "How to Wash Dishes".

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