A nameless bodybuilder who was created in Regular Show. He was a former bodybuilder who over-exercised but then, his body abandoned him (which his friend warned him) and he became a bodiless consciousness. His body mysteriously vanished and he had to use a basketball as a substitute body until Rigby ate too much junkfood and lost his body as well. When they met, after Rigby says his body is still around, the bodybuildeer went out to look for it. When he went into the body, he could excerise again but Rigby got it back and used the slide as the host.

After several months, it began to snow and he morphed into the snow as his new shapeshifting body. As soon as he meet Ben, Ben gave him a body that does not quit on him no matter how much he exercises. His catchphrase is that he tells his back story all of the time.

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