Behind the Scoop: 5 Years of Anime is a multi-animated 60 minute documentary special of the whole Anime series about the show's history through it's 5 years of current production.


The one hour documentary is about the success through the cartoon series during it's period of the six seasoned The AnimeLand show, the popular Anime: Camp Generations and the on-demanded Anime: Evolution, including interviews of animators, creator Robert Cait and music artists.

The documentary features animated guest casts, clips from exisitng episodes of all of the shows, animated shorts that aired on the show, music videos and news about a brand new series on the works called "Anime: Omnimega", which will feature animation style from Ben 10: Omniverse and Transformers: Animated.


  • The show features several types of animation: traditional animation (The AnimeLand), flash animation (Anime: CG, Anime: E and Music Videos), stop motion animation, computer animation, puppetry, cutout animation, rotoscoping and others.


  • Jeremy Shada - Finn the Human
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Ben Tennyson
  • Chris Phillips - Face
  • Steven Burns - Steve
  • Robert Cait - Himself
  • Greg Cipes - Kevin 11
  • Grey DeLisle - Gwen Tennyson

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