Brian Kerpajonas, also known as either Beets, The DJ, Jazz-Hands 2.0 or Gary E. Mo is a fictional character from both The AnimeLand, Anime: Camp Generations and the upcoming prequel, Anime: Evolution.


Brian Kerpajonas, born in 1990, is a hip-hop wannabe living in the streets. He speaks in a hip-hop style of dialogue. His hair color is red. He wears sunglasses.


Beets was originally going to be a killer but that was too harsh. His origin changed to a Pied Piper like DJ hypnotizing everybody with his evil discs of musics. Ben stopped him.

Jazz Hands 2.0Edit

Beets played the accordion and suddenly he became a mime gaining the ability to speak. He gained The Mime Touch; a power that turns anyone into a voiceless mime and anything mime colored. Ben undo-ed the process.

Part IIEdit

At Anime Camp Generations, he changed alot. The Joker was about to kill Beets with a shotgun but his brother, JazzPhone, got in the way for protecting him which caused Beets to honor his brother to kill all mortals. He became an emo goth, dying his hair black, making his Elvis Presley trademark part of his hair slide down to his right eye which is why he never reveals it. He wears a thug jacket with a T-shirt of the letter "G" with white sneakers and jeans. He also gain the name Gary Eliminates Mortals, the word Gary from his uncle who saved Beets live from dieing of a heart attack. But the Eliminates Mortals were shorten to E. Mo, making it sound like emo.

During the episode, "Mitchy-Dini Strikes Back", when Gary and Mitch worked together, Gary became Beets again and suddenly, he wanted to be boss when hypnotizing everyone to be animals. The power during the struggling of these two caused them to be Hypnoshadow.

After Ben revived JazzPhone, Gary followed the fashion trend and went back to his old appearance and became Beets again.

In the first part, he was voiced by Casey Kasem; a local DJ and radio announcer from the 1960s who was the original voice of Shaggy Rodgers in the first Scooby Doo show and the voice of the animated Robin in "Superfriends".

As Jazz Hands 2.0, he was voiced by Chris Rock.

In the second part, as Gary E. Mo, he was voiced by Mako, a Japanese actor. After Mako's death, Gary E. Mo was voiced by Drew Nelson, the voice of Duncan.

After Gary became Beets again, he is currently voiced by Sean Kingston.

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