Badbootyshakingpickanosis is a fatal disease and infection found in The Animeland. It's considered a rare disease but is also contagious.


The disease was formed when eating any item with fruit flavor that has been double glazed at 1800 degrees oven. This causes some overheat bacteria and dustmites to come in contact with the eater. The food with the disease is not for human consumption otherwise it would come through magical stress.

First Symptoms (Baby Steps)Edit

  • Hyperactiveness and Overexcitement: The first and obvious case that happens due to too much sugar overflowing the system of the eater.
  • Acceleration Animation: If someone over 18 and/or someone at the age of or under 13 eats more than one of the food containing the disease, they would accelerate their body movements so much that they would vanish into the speed of light in a world where everyone's animation is slow. If eaten more, the animation goes even faster and the background would blacken into animation cels and paint blobs with the characters being super-slow and monsterous. 
  • Red Sores: The victims would gave huge sores in their right elbow. It itches very badly.
  • Fever: The temperature reads up to 80-90 degrees. This becomes very dangerous at the last symptoms.
  • Lemon flaved body fluids: Lemony burps sense that the symptoms are getting worse.

Last SymtpomsEdit

These syptoms affect only people that are over 13 and under 18 who ate the diseased food.

  • Explosive Diarrhea
  • Itchy Lips
  • Sudden Hot Flashes
  • Sea Sickness
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Temporarely Blindness
  • High Fever: The temperatures rises up from 100 through 108 degrees. At the time, the victims is almost losing it, almost receiving sudden death but it only happens if the victim's body temperature reaches over 108 degrees.
  • Death: The final part of the disease. The victim would receive sudden death and would die if he consumes over 9 double glazed donuts, has a body temperature at 109 degrees or has ten sores in the elbow. The victim would die within 72 hours with the cases.


The only known cure is to defeat the sugar attacks with the opposite: bland. The only known food that could cure the disease completley is Arabian Ka'ak Dough, a special wheat of ka'ak unfinished by Arabian bakers.

If the victim eats any foods that are sour, it would cause the blindness to become permanent. If the victim eats salty food, sores would increase and vomiting occurs. If the victim eats any foods that are spicy, body temperatures increase up to 100 degrees.


  • The disease is named after Ozzy's alias when disguising as a germ in the movie Osmosis Jones.
  • Another name for Badbootyshakingpickanosis is "La muerte roja" which means "The Red Death" another reference to Osmosis Jones as it's the nickname for Thrax, a scarlet fever virus.

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