Back to Schooled is an episode.


Linguini, Porridge's brother, nevewr went to school so he has to learn how to read books.


  • This features the first main role of Linguini:
  • There are many books that have been parodied in the TV show:
    • The first book is the series "Scare Your Pants Off" in which Linguini watches the television show instead of reading the books. This is a parody of the Goosebumps series that was later spun-off into a television series which appeard in every Halloween on Cartoon Network until 2010 due to copyright issues.
    • The second book is Sam and the Sandwich Company which is a spoof of the famous novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl which spun into two movies: 1970s and 2000s
    • The third book is "The Adventures of the Panja Pack" which is not parodied from a book but parodies the TV show known as The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan which was parodied in an episode featuring some footages from the original show. Also, the authors are Adam Cedric Dandle and Sanpei Ranpomagwa which are parodies of the American detective novelist, Arthur Conan Doyle and Japanese detective novelist Ranpo Edogawa which made the combination name for the character who appears in the show, Jimmy Kudo (Conan Edogawa).
    • The fourth book is A Trip to Aphka-Fazoom which parodies many styles of the Dr. Seuss children's books. The animation for the book was done by Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) who uses many references to the Simpsons on the book.
      • The Bongo-Gareeber's face were modeled after Barney Gumble.
      • One of the creatures in the book were named Hoomers which is from Homer Simpson. Also, there faces were modeled after Lenny Leonard.
      • The Barriter's faces were modeled after Aunt Patty and Selma. The actor for both of them also voices The Barriter.
      • The pieces of the moon's voices were modeled after Squeaky Voiced Teens.
      • The boy's face was modeled after Ralph Wiggums and his voice is modeled from a combination of Bart Simpson and Nelson Muntz.
    • The fifth book is titled Blue which is a parody of most children's books who were made up to the level of ages 2 through 5 by preschool, kindergarden and/or first grade.
    • The sixth book is Pandora's Adventures which parodies a series titled Deltora's Quest which spun into a Japanese anime series which airs daily in the new channel, The Hub.

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