Ayla Ranzz (Lightning Lass)

Ayla Ranzz, also known as Lightning Lass and is refered to as Aya, is a DC comics character. She appears in The AnimeLand, Anime: Camp Generations and the upcoming prequel, Anime: Evolution. Aya has her own show called "The Aya Show" which appears in KaBlam and later became it's own series. She makes cameo appearances in "Hothead Goes to Jen Gu Island".

Part IEdit

Aya is a sweet young girl who has her brother make an alien from the planet Sun babysit her. She has a fond of lollipops. She runs a selling company called Aya Corp.

Part IIEdit

Aya is a teenager but in the body of a kid. Aya still likes lollipops.

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