Anime Unite is an hour and 30 minute live-action animated television movie for Anime: Camp Generations. This cartoon features the animated cartoons meeting there live-action movie versions. The special aired in the Annual Animethon. Anime Unite featured 2.8 million viewers.


When Ben was walking for a smoothie, he meets four guys looking like him and his friend. Noah reveals that they are real world versions of themselves. The real world versions told that they were transported by Kevin's new device, the transporter. It turns out that a villain named Black Aye did this to make both universes give power to him. If he takes it, all of the universes will be destroyed.


  • Yuri Lowenthal - Cartoon Ben, Neb Nosynett, Sasuke Uchiha, Doodle Ben
  • Ryan Kelley - Real World Ben
  • Carter Hayden - Cartoon Noah, Cartoon Hako, Doodle Noah, Doodle Hako
  • Taylor Lautner - Real World Hako, Joe Agate
  • Christopher Johnson - Cartoon Schroeder
  • Moises Arias - Real World Schroeder
  • Cole Sprouse - Real World Noah
  • Jerry Jewell - Cartoon Jimmy Kudo, Doodle Jimmy Kudo
  • Shun Oguri - Real World Jimmy Kudo
  • Alsion VIktorin - Cartoon Conan Edogawa, Doodle Conan Edogawa
  • Nao Fujisaki - Real World Conan Edogawa
  • Bill Cosby - Cartoon Mushmouth, Doodle Mushmouth
  • Jermain Williams - Real World Mushmouth
  • Peter Robbins - Charlie Brown
  • Robert Tsai - Neji Hyuga (uncredited)
  • Louis Chrilio - Cartoon Mitch
  • Dylan Sprouse - Mitch Tennison
  • Jim Cummings - Black Aye

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