Anime Radio Station is a popular radio station featuring many radio sitcoms that first aired in 1959 and is currently present. It was originally closed and discontinued due to the death of Disco Kasem (died in 1965) who is one of the legendary radio actors. In the year 2007, it was back in production, closed in 2008 and reopend in 2010 and as of 2011, it is still open.

Radio ShowsEdit

  • Disco Dawg: A radio show that was introduced by Disco Kasem and his brother Maxwell Kasem that first started in 1959. Six years later, Disco starts to have heart palpitations and left the studio which he is last seen dead at 1965 from a heart attack which caused a 42 year cancellation of the radio station.
  • Wrath's Get Up and Go Show: A Saturday morning radio cartoon featuring Wrath talking about happy thoughts.

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