Anime Idol is a television movie that at it's original airing was a trilogy of three different parts due to airing conclusions. The title and plot parody the television show American Idol. This episode guest stars many casts of American Idol such as Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Ellen DeGeneres, Bo Bice, Kara DioGuardi and host, Ryan Seacrest. Even American Idol voice-over announcer, Joe Cipriano guest starrs as newscaster Morris Borrison and deejay, Casey Kasem as Boris Morrison.

A sequel was made due to popular demand called Anime Idol 2: The Gilded Huge Trophy making it a parody to that of Shrek 2's Far Far Away Idol (Cowell also was a guest star) featuring more songs sung by professional artists.


After a fight for the last box of Eggo Cereal before it's discontinuation, the gang decided to enter the Anime Idol for the cereal. Later, Derek decided to enter the contest to become a worldwide star.

Guest castEdit

  • Simon Cowell as Himself
  • Paula Abdul as Herself
  • Randy Jackson as Himself
  • Michael Jackson as Himself
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Herself
  • Bo Bice as Himself
  • Kara DioGuardi as Herself
  • Ryan Seacrest as Brian Cyrus
  • Diana DeGarmo as Julie's Singing Voice
  • Clay Aiken as Ulrich's Singing Voice
  • Joe Cipriano as Morris Borrison
  • Casey Kasem as Boris Morrison
  • Billy West as Rock Vegas (Kiba Inuzuka in disguise)
  • William Hung as Wiry Kwan
  • Drake Bell as Jeremy's Singing Voice
  • Chaka Khan as Aelita's Singing Voice (deleted scene)
  • Nick Carter as Odd's Singing Voice (deleted scene)
  • Miley Cyrus as Yumi's Singing Voice (deleted scene)

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