Ali Baba Jaden is an episode which features many refereneces of Japanese and Arabic traditions and religions.


Jaden and Sparky head over into the Arabian Desert to collect the treasure of King Ali Assa Seen but must get rid of the bodyguard, Hazan. Also, Noah is hanging and learning from his Japanese friend, Miko.

Guest castEdit

  • Mel Blanc - Jaden Yuki, Sparky
  • Janice Kawayne - Miko


This episode features many references to Japanese and Arabic culture:

  • Japanese Entering
    • When entering a Japanese house, you should take off your shoes at the entrance (genkan) and change into slippers, which are usually provided by the host. They do this because of hygienic reasons.
  • Miko: Noah-san, Kurio-chan
    • Honorific used only in cases of familiarity or friendship, the "Chan" honorific is always paired with names of people of a younger age, typically females. To use it in reference to somebody older than yourself is to show a great amount of disrespect. Chan can also be used in reference to pets.
    • The "San" honorific is the second most versatile of Japanese honorifics second only to "Chan." It is used in both cases of familiarity AND unfamiliarity. In both scenarios, "San" will be used to donate a certain amount of formality. It is regularly paired with words such as Okaa (mother) and Otoo (father). The arrangement of the honorific is always word-san.
    • Also, Kurio is the Japanese name for Spritle in the original Japanese dub of Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo in Japan)
  • Jaden: Pork, lamb or ham are not kosher, not kosher at all.
    • This is a reference to the Muslims rules that it is forbidden for Jewish, Hindu, Christians and Arabs to eat pork, lamb or ham.
  • Arab food: Ka'ak
    • Ka'ak is an Arab pastry type of cookie that is soft and bears resemblance to donuts.
  • Miko: Moshi moshi
    • In Japanese, moshi-moshi is a type of greeting used when talking on the phone.
  • Arab TV: A clip of The Simpsons episode "Moaning Lisa" but doesn't feature Homer eating pork rinds.
    • This is a reference to the Arabic dub of The Simpsons which edits and deletes scenes featuring English writing, mentioning of religion, alcohol and pork.
  • This episode is a parody of Ali Baba Bunny. This episode is dedicated to Mel Blanc as well.
  • Hassan chop, from the original short, was used for this episode.

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