Adam Abbott and Burt Castello is an episode of Anime: Evolution. The episode reunites actor Adam West and his friend, Burt Ward from the 1960s Batman television series since the "Pharaohs" episode.


Hanajima decides to present Adam West a visit from his old friend, Burt Ward, who played the role as Robin in Batman and Catboy in Catman. But after realizing the highing price sells for the two comedian's heads, Neb wishes to decapitate West and Ward to become rich.


  • Burt Ward, the actor who plays Robin in the 1960s Batman show, makes another guest appearance in the episode, reuniting with Adam West. The first episode was Pharaohs where he played the nephew of West's Egyptian character.
  • This episode will be similar to the episode The Jackson 5.0
  • The title parodies that of Abbott & Castello, a comedy duo.

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