A Mermaid's Tail, or Unfair Science Fair is an episode of the show.


A Mermaid's TailEdit

Noah and Chickenbark bring all the mermaids in the Wait n Sea to their apartment which causes trouble and gives them 2 legs to walk and turns Kisa into a pink mermaid herself having the ability to speak like a dolphin.

Unfair Science FairEdit

Fishquack needs help from his huge science fair until Orochimaru and Molly steal his plans. How will he compete?


  • The transformation of Kisa being a mermaid:
    • Kisa grew a mermaid's tail.
    • A sea turtle winked at her and she liked it.
    • Where ever she goes, a crab follows her playing music.
    • She lost her ability to speak human but speaks dolphin.
  • This is the first time Kisa speaks another language.
  • The part when Noah chases Spritle and Chim Chim for taking his paint was footage from the original Speed Racer episode "The Royal Racer (Part 1)" when Spritle and Chim Chim run away from Speed.
  • Arsene Lupin III is seen wearing a Michael Jackson Billie Jean outfit while Jigen is seen as Michael Jackson in his Thriller days.

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